i.safe IS-TH Intrinsically Safe Barcode Scanner

IS-TH Intrinsically Safe Barcode Scanner

i.safe IS-TH Intrinsically Safe Barcode Scanner

The ergonomic designed trigger handle IS-TH in connection with the IS530-series smart phone will combine the latest smart phone technology of the IS530-series with the industrial proven scanner technology from Zebra, which makes the IS530 smart phone a multifunctional tool. This integration does not require wireless communication nor additional batteries to be charged. High functionality, easy use for Intrinsically Safe barcode scanning in hazardous areas

Solutions: i.Safe IS-TH

Due for release October 2020.  More information to follow 

For more information contact Gary Friend, Extech Safety Systems, +27 11 791 6000, sales@extech.co.za, www.extech.co.za

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