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New handheld RFID reader & Aegex tablet gets an upgrade
New handheld RFID reader & Aegex tablet gets an upgrade
Extech appointed as CorDEX distributor - Explosion Proof Camera & IS Infra-Red camera
Dear Readers,
This month we will focus on some of the newly released products for hazardous areas and process industries:
The CorDEX ToughPix camera & IS Infra-red camera, upgraded Aegex I.S Zone 1 Tablet with 128GB storage, and the new iFID500 Tag Reader
Extech Safety Systems are the sole agents for MTL, Beka Associates, Extronics, MercuryHMI, and the new authorised reseller for Aegex (Zone 1 tablets), B Com (RoughPro Phone), CorDEX (Toughpix Camera) & Xplore Technologies in Southern Africa.
Handheld RFID reader certified for Process, Mining & Pharmaceutical industries and the Aegex tablet gets an upgrade

CorDEX appoints Extech Safety Systems as authorised distributor in Sub Saharan Africa

CorDEX has added Extech Safety Systems as an authorised distributor for Sub Suharan Africa. For almost 30 years, South Africa-based Extech has been providing instrumentation, especially intrinsic safety, for hazardous area operations in southern Africa.

“Extech Safety Systems is proud to announce that it is now an authorised distributor for CorDEX in Sub Saharan Africa. The CorDEX products complement the hazardous area instrumentation and industrial networking products offering comprehensive solutions for industrial applications,” said Extech Sales Director Gary Friend.

Marcus Halliday, Distribution Director from CorDEX said “This appointment is part of our planned expansion into the sub-Saharan market, Extech Safety Systems is well known in the region and have established a strong reputation for technical excellence and customer support”.
ToughPIX II TRIDENT Explosion Proof Digital Camera

The ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION Explosion Proof Digital Camera is designed and certified with the professional inspector in mind. ATEX, IECEx and locally IA certified Ex d IIB+H2 T6 Gb / II2G Gb T6, for use in hazardous areas ensures it can go safely where most cameras and phones cannot.

With its high intensity on board strobe flash, ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION lights up the darkest areas making high quality digital imagery easier and clearer than ever. Coupled with 5x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, anti-shake technology and additional close-up macro lenses, ToughPIX II TRIDENT EDITION gives you the flexibility you need to do your job, any job and get the results you need.

Thermal Imaging Camera
The TC-Series Thermal Imaging Camera range is ATEX, IECEx & locally IA certified and are rugged, reliable, efficient and accurate for troubleshooting in Hazardous areas. Exib certified for Group I underground mining, IIC (gasses/vapours) & IIIC (dusts).

High speed, articulating lens - shoot high quality images over, under and around obstacles.
Onboard RFID tag reader - assign images to RFID tags and automatically create reports, manage data and create trends
CorDEX CONNECT™ enabled.
TC7000 Camera
Aegex Tablet gets an upgrade
Aegex intrinsically safe Windows 10 tablets (with local ICASA approval & IA certification) bring real-time connectivity to the world’s most hazardous locations in oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, public safety, utilities and other markets where volatile atmospheres are present.

Aegex’s unified mobile platform enables enterprises to customize our Windows 10 intrinsically safe 10.1-inch tablets with enterprise-class software and industry-specific applications to offer real-time enterprise mobility for all personnel in multiple zones of hazardous locations. The Aegex Tablet now has 128GB storage capacity to keep up with the industry demands.

Aegex Tablet
iRFID500 handheld passive UHF RFID tag reader

The iRFID500 is a handheld Bluetooth passive RFID reader that can be used for asset tracking, maintenance planning & records as well as auditing & compliance in hazardous areas and harsh environments.

The iRFID500 can be used as a standalone unit (large internal memory) or in conjunction with a Windows, Android or Apple smart device to enable workers to view, share and save data directly from the hazardous area.

It is a lightweight, compact unit which can be easily carried and has a battery life of over 12 hours. One-handed operation & stylus nib makes adding information on a touch screen simple.

The iRFID500 holds radio approval for both ETSI & FCC frequencies and is fully certified for hazardous areas in accordance with ATEX, IECEx and local IA for explosive atmospheres.
Extronics iRFID500
Below are some of the areas that the Extech team can assist with:

• Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers and Galvanic Isolators
• HART Interfaces
• Fieldbus
• Industrial Ethernet
• Industrial Security
• Industrial Wireless Networks
• Visualisation
• Displays, Indicators, Sounders, Beacons and Lamps
• Intrinsically Safe & Flameproof Cameras (incl. Infra-Red)
• Rugged IS Smartphones & tablets (Android & Windows)
• Hazardous area Access Points for Zone 1 (AP of your choice)
• Hazardous Area M1 (Zone 0) certified CISCO Access Point
• Hazardous Area CCTV camera for Group I & II
• Hazardous Area Barcode scanners (Bluetooth)
• RFID Tracking
• Surge Protection
• Process Alarm Equipment
• Hazardous Area Access Control Systems

If you require anything further, please send us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to assist!

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